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Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Sale

It's that time of year when you gather all my TPT resources into your shopping cart then wait, wait, wait!
 "Wait for what?" I hear! Well you wait till Cyber Monday December 2nd and Tuesday December 3rd to get BIG savings! You get up to 28% off all the contents in your cart when you enter the promo code CYBERat checkout. So go ahead and start shopping for your year-round resources for your teaching needs.

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Letter Reversals 'b' and 'd'

Are your kids constantly making the mistake of writing 'b' for 'd' and vice versa? Are you in need of some support or mnemonics to bring some clarity for them? Well, here's a set of printables that would assist you and your kiddos. Click HERE for more details!

2D and 3D Posters for Your Kindergarten Classroom

This is a fantastic set of posters, mini books and  mats for use in the teaching of the properties and attributes of 2D and 3Dshapes to a kindergarten class. It is aligned to the Common Core Standards stated below.


This 86 page set contains posters for the following 2D and 3D shapes:-

2D Shapes
Rectangle/Oblong (both are included)
-Rhombus/diamond (both are included)

3D Shapes
-Pentagonal prism
-Hexagonal prism
-Pentagonal pyramid
-Square based pyramid
-Rectangular prism/Cuboid (both are included)
-Triangular based prism

Also included in this set are:-
-position word cards
- 4 assessment sheets,
-2 mini books
-10 Build-a-shape mats
-1 Build-a-shape rec…

The Power of The Red Ink Pen

So is it ok to use red ink to mark your students' work? Does the color red place a negative meaning in the minds of our students? Well, I am sure you know that it was really difficult to find a clear cut answer to these questions. I found out that the whole idea is debatable and situational for the most. However, I want to share with you two ideas that I found that are in support of the use of other colors other than red. In a book entitled 'The New Teacher's Toolbox' written by Scott M. Mandel new teachers are urged to leave the red pens alone! Mandel explained...

"In American society, and in most societies, red is considered a negative color. In our society, it is used on stop signs and lights, warning labels, poison, to indicate the devil, and so forth. If you see a red light, you naturally hesitate. We are conditioned to view the color red as something negative, or at least prohibitive.
A paper that is handed back full of red marks conveys to the student, oft…