Sunday, 10 November 2013

2D and 3D Posters for Your Kindergarten Classroom
This is a fantastic set of posters, mini books and  mats for use in the teaching of the properties and attributes of 2D and 3Dshapes to a kindergarten class. It is aligned to the Common Core Standards stated below.


This 86 page set contains posters for the following 2D and 3D shapes:-

2D Shapes
Rectangle/Oblong (both are included)
-Rhombus/diamond (both are included)

3D Shapes
-Pentagonal prism
-Hexagonal prism
-Pentagonal pyramid
-Square based pyramid
-Rectangular prism/Cuboid (both are included)
-Triangular based prism

Also included in this set are:-
-position word cards
- 4 assessment sheets,
-2 mini books
-10 Build-a-shape mats
-1 Build-a-shape recording template
-general posters for groups of shapes e.g. rectangles, cones, cubes, cylinders, etc.

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