Friday 17 May 2024

30 Fun Would You Rather Opinion Writing Prompts


You would love this exciting collection of fun "Would You Rather" writing prompts designed specifically for kids! These prompts are perfect for sparking creativity and encouraging critical thinking skills in young minds. 

Each prompt presents two intriguing options, challenging children to make a choice and explain their reasoning through writing. 

Whether used in the classroom or at home, these prompts are a fantastic way to engage children in imaginative and thought-provoking writing exercises. Get ready for endless fun and learning with our "Would You Rather" writing prompts for kids!

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Opinion Writing Prompts 

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Fun and Engaging Fraction Reading Activities for Young Learners


This is a fun filled activity for your students to get the hang of the identification of fractions. Your kiddos would find it very easy to name fractions after this fun set of task cards. All they have to do is determine how much of the food is eaten then record them on the cards. I suggest that you print and laminate the cards so that they can be used over and over, year after year. As a bonus I made some concept posters to go along with the theme for a visual reference in your classroom. I mostly included fractions up to sixths.

This pack includes the following food fraction task cards and posters:

20 Pizza task cards

28 Chocolate Chip Cookies task cards

23 Chocolate Bar task cards

7 Waffles task cards

36 Apples task cards

20 Chewing gum strips task cards

(Answers are not included)

These set of six can be separated as different Math centers based on food type or they can be kept together as one fraction activity.

5 Fraction Concept Posters

4 sets of food cut-outs are also included.

This set is available below:

Tuesday 14 May 2024

How to Use My Payhip Coupon

Thanks so much for  your interest in my clip art and teaching resources! So here's how you can purchase directly from me on Payhip.

Go to the clip art or teaching resource you wish to buy:

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Enter your email address and then click Add coupon as shown above.

Enter coupon and click add coupon.

Click 'Continue with purchase'

You will see that the new price is applied and you can continue with your purchase.

That's it! 

Enjoy your purchase!:)

Monday 13 May 2024

Embarking on a New Journey: Opening My Payhip Store for Teaching Resources

I'm so excited about embarking on this new journey this year! I have always wanted to be able to manage my own e-commerce and I'm finally able to do so, thanks to Payhip!

A Teacher's Idea Payhip Store

What is Payhip? 

Payhip is an online platform that allows creators, including teachers, to sell their digital products directly to customers. It offers a creator-friendly model giving greater control over how products are sold. It allows for a wide range of products from lesson plans and worksheet to videos and e-books, giving creators like me the flexibility to monetize in various ways. This user-friendly platform makes it easier to upload and removes the need for technical expertise. 

What You Can Expect

In my Payhip store, you can soon expect to find a wide range of high-quality teaching resources, including clip art, lesson plans, worksheets, activities, and more. Each resource has been carefully crafted to engage students, enhance learning outcomes, and save fellow educators valuable time and effort in lesson planning.

How It Works

Shopping in my Payhip store is simple and convenient. Once you find a resource that meets your needs, you can easily purchase and download it directly from the store. There are no membership fees or subscriptions required—just straightforward access to the resources you need, when you need them.

Join Me on This Journey

I am incredibly excited to share this new chapter of my professional journey with you and invite you to join me on this adventure. Whether you're a teacher looking for innovative teaching resources or a fellow creator seeking inspiration and community, my Payhip store offers a fresh and exciting alternative to traditional platforms like TpT.

Final Thoughts

As I take this bold step into the world of e-commerce in the absence of a marketplace stronghold, I am filled with anticipation and enthusiasm for the possibilities that lie ahead. I look forward to uploading all my creations to be accessed by my fellow educators and sharing my passion for teaching. I continue to create resources that inspire and empower educators around the world. Welcome to my Payhip Store!

How to order from Payhip

To celebrate my new journey I am offering 20% off all products storewide using my coupon code

To use the Payhip coupon code, follow these steps:

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 Remember to check for any terms or conditions associated with the coupon code, such as expiration dates or minimum purchase requirements, to ensure its validity and applicability to your specific order. And that's it! Thanks for stopping by!:)



Sunday 12 May 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Classroom


If you're a teacher like me, then you'd be keeping track of the latest tools and gadgets that can make your work bother easier and effective. Hot on the press to date is the whole idea of artificial intelligence(AI) which, from all appearances, seems here to stay. So why not delve into understanding how this trend works and how best it can be used in the classroom? 

So in doing my own research I have come across some very informative articles and apps that can help you to understand how AI is fast becoming the choice of a growing number of teacher educators like yourself. Now AI is not a panacea for all challenges of education. It can be a great supportive tool, helping you to automate tasks but it cannot replace student interaction. When it is used in your repertoire of teaching strategies there is a lot more that can be achieved.

The following are a list of (AI) apps (both free and paid) and articles which I found to be very helpful:


Brisk Teaching


Magic School AI

Canva AI-Powered Tools




Monday 25 March 2024

Exploring Light Properties with Eye-Catching Clip Art: Enhance Your Science Lessons!


properties of light clip art, nicadez

Are you looking to brighten up your science lessons? These light properties clip art images are just what you need! From reflection to refraction, these high-quality images are perfect for illustrating key concepts in your classroom.

With this set you can create engaging worksheets, presentations, and interactive activities that will captivate your students and enhance their understanding of the properties of light. Whether you're teaching about the colors of the rainbow or the behaviour of light waves, our diverse collection has you covered.

Included are both colored and blackline versions created as png files (transparent background). 

Get your light properties clip art at any of the links below:

My Payhip Store

TpT store

Teacha Resources store

Sunday 17 March 2024

Power Up Your Science Lessons with Eye-Catching Electricity Clip Art


Electricity & Circuits Clip Art by Nicole Hernandez

Are you looking for the perfect set of electricity clipart for your science lessons? This electricity clipart collection is perfect for you! Our high-quality png images are perfect for creating dynamic and informative lessons that will captivate your students.

With this set, you can easily create visually appealing worksheets, task cards, interactive notebooks, and quizzes that will effectively illustrate complex concepts. Whether you're teaching the basic electricity principles or exploring circuits, our diverse clipart selection has you covered.


There are 40 realistic electricity clip art images are created with transparent backgrounds which makes them easy to drag and drop into your project’s layout.

Visit at any of the stores linked below to purchase this set and many more! 

 ----------------------------------- [ I N F O R M A T I O N ] ---------------------------------

 This set contains PNG files, LARGE images - easy resizing with transparent background (png format keeps a transparent background and perfect to use as graphics in most programs). - Regular Terms of Use and Brand Logo * Blackline Versions are included * Watermarks do not appear on final version. 
All images were created by Nicole Hernandez

30 Fun Would You Rather Opinion Writing Prompts

  You would love this exciting collection of fun "Would You Rather" writing prompts designed specifically for kids! These prompts ...