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Parts of Speech Posters

So your students are having difficulty with identify the parts of speech of given words in sentences? Have they yet fully grasped how to identify the role of such words in sentences? 
Wonder no more with these eye-catching and informative Parts of Speech Posters including_NounsVerbsAdjectivesAdverbsPronounsConjunctionsPrepositionsInterjectionsThese posters were originally designed using high resolution images. They are 8.5 in x 11 in and formatted in landscape. 
These can be used as anchor charts, students notebook sheets or work reference charts .

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School 2020 The New Normal

Are you a parent worrying about how your child will be able to function in the upcoming new school year? Or are you a teacher who worries about how the new normal in the classroom would be managed? In whatever position you're in there is so much uncertainty that it is more than worrisome!
Countries are racing to find the perfect or near-perfect plan to re-open schools safely. Some are pushed by parents who have to go back out to work and need the schools to be opened. Other countries open schools simply because they think that the worst is over and it's back to normal.
In Trinidad and Tobago, the recorded number of positive COVID cases have been successfully managed (137 cases to date) and our ministry of education has provided a guide to school's reopening on September 1st. The document outlines varying aspects of the school including a blended learning model similar to the hybrid model used in many US school districts. The plan may probably well be workable for some, howev…

African American Kids Clip Art

This is a set of African American Kids clip art images. These png images are high quality (300dpi) and are easily resizeable for your creative needs. All images were created by Nicole Hernandez and can be used for both personal and commercial uses. Terms of use are included.African American Girls Faces Clip ArtThis set contains 24 girls portrait illustrations. There are fully colored images and includes related black line art versions. African American Boys Faces Clip ArtThis is a set of 12 boy portrait illustrations. There are fully colored and related black line art versions included. African American Girls (Side Profile) Clip ArtThis is a set of 24 African American Girls side view images. African American Boys (Side Profile) Clip ArtThis is a set of 12 African American Boy images. Included are black line art versions.
African American Reading Kids Clip Art This is a set of 19 black boys and girls reading at a desk. These are 300 png clipart images for both personal and commercial use.


Washing Hands Sequence Clip Art Set

Washing our hands is one of the simplest ways we can help protect ourselves and others. For this reason, our students must be taught the proper steps and procedures from the start. I've created this washing hands sequence set of clip art to help illustrate the key steps (I created a total of twelve steps). There are 70 pieces and included are four different skin tones.

This set is available at my TPT store. Click HERE!

Non-Contact Thermometers PNG Clipart

This is a set of non-contact, (infrared) thermometer clipart images. There are 22 color options and includes the blackline version in all designs. Included are side view and screen views that show normal, slight and high temperature readings. 
Non-Contact (Infrared) Thermometers Clip Art for Personal and Commercial Use

Non-Contact (Infrared) Thermometers Clip Art for Personal and Commercial Use

Building Blocks Clip Art for Printables

Are you looking for creative clip art for your math resources? This huge bundle is perfect for creating math printables. With this bundle you can 299 clipart png images created in 13 different styles and 23 color options including white filled.These styles are also offered separate. Alternatively, a classroom pack with 6 colors are available.

Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales Clipart

Welcome to our growing collection of fairy tales clipart.  Each week a new title would be added. Our aim is to depict as many collections of both fairy tales and nursery rhymes as we possibly can. Single story sets are available as well as bundled sets.

All images come in both color and black and white.

Each image is a high quality png file created at 300 dpi to ensure easy layering into your projects.
Files come in zip format, therefore, you must know how to unzip files on your PC/Mac to retrieve them. You will need software that supports the use of PNG files.  All images were created by Nicole Hernandez and can be used for both personal and commercial uses under the regular terms of use.  Purchasing this set does not transfer the copyright to you. You cannot claim the design as your own. This license is non-transferable. This means you cannot transfer or give the license to anyone else, nor can you change the item that it applies to. Please refer to the terms of use enclosed in the file.