Tuesday 31 July 2012

Carton Express!

I have a collection of these beautiful looking milk cartons that are screaming out, "Use me!" 

Yes, as you know I am going to do just that. Since I am preparing for the penultimate back to school, I thought about incorporating these cartons in my classroom organization plan. Here is an idea for a math center.
Of course you can vary it a bit, maybe put numbers on the cards so that they can do matching activities. 

Another idea is for your literacy center. Here you can also encourage students to match pictures to their initial sound. 

These ideas are more suited for the pre-k levels, however, adapting is the name of the game. Play around with ideas and see what works for you. 

While you are doing just that, take a look at some other ideas that I have gathered from my search so far.

Milk Carton Pencil Holders 

Milk Carton Flower Vase Planters 

Pen Holder or Scissors Holder

Tape Dispenser

Button/Counter Container

Friday 27 July 2012

Math Tricks! Mnemonics!

The word 'mnemonic' (pronounced NI-MON-IK) is a formula, rhyme or a simple sentence that helps a person remember something. Since math is always perceived by students to be difficult, there is a greater need to project its simplicity by the use of mnemonic devices.

I have used them in the past and I find most of them to be very catchy! Take for instance the one featured below: 

Dad's Silly Triangle

This mnemonic helps you to remember the relationship  between Speed, Time and Distance. Dad has a silly triangle!  Hmm! Can you see that silly triangle?

If you need to find D, cover up D in the triangle and you get S × T.

If you need to find S, cover up S in the triangle and you get D / T.

 If you need to find T, cover up T in the triangle and you get D / S.

Isn't that amazingly more simple to remember than the formula?
There are lots more!!

Wednesday 25 July 2012

My Teacher Planner!

Are you a teacher who is ALWAYS organized when it comes to teaching? Do you have one place to note your ideas for your class? If you are anything like me then you have all your eggs scattered in several baskets!
 I  have notes here
I have the daily plan there.
 I have things scattered everywhere

I'm through with searching! 

So I decided to put the things that I needed the most all in ONE PLACE in my very own document. It's my colored and florally designed TEACHER PLANNER! Click the picture for the new updated version for 2013-2014.
In my Teacher Planner you will find:
A Class Timetable form
A Students' Birthday sheet
A Weekly Plan Overview
A Daily Plan sheet
A Homework Assignment Given sheet
A Student Behavior Log sheet
A School Calendar 2012-2013 (each month on a new page)
Parent Conference/General Meeting sheets
A 2013-2014 Class Financial Records sheet

Back to School

See what I'm saying? All in one basket! Of course, if you think that I can spruce it up a bit, leave a comment, let me know what else I can include. You will also need to invest in a binder to store your pages.

Anyway, you can get it at my TPT Store anytime. Just click on the link on the right of my blog! You will enjoy it I am sure:)

Also available in Black and White:Click the picture to go to my TPT store!

Monday 23 July 2012

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Welcome to my first sale on TPT! Yes folks, I am offering items for at least 15% off the original prices. Come, take a look inside my store where you are sure to find quality books, beautiful clipart sets, engaging games and easy mnemonics to help you prepare for the new school year.

 So hop on over to my TPT store ...where ideas and quality mix!


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“ The average teacher explains complexity; the gifted teacher reveals simplicity ”



Saturday 21 July 2012

My Very Own...

I was recently searching the internet for ways of making my own clipart and came across the idea of using basic shapes  to create pictures of animals. My search took me more or less away from graphic design and onto craft ideas. Naturally to fulfill my quest for Eureka euphoria I decided that my next clipart design would  be craft gone graphic, lol. Guess what!! This is what I came up with. So here goes folks!! What do you think?

I made these butterflies using hearts! Each butterfly consists of:

2 large hearts (wings)
3 medium sized hearts (subwings and head)
5 small hearts (body)
2 tiny hearts (feeler tips)

This item is also available at my TPT Store.

Stay tuned for more Hearty clipart animals:

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Friday 20 July 2012

Literacy Centers

 Teachers I am sure that you are all gathering as much resources as you can for the upcoming school year. Many of you are focusing on finding suitable books and manipulatives while others are thinking about remodeling your classroom. All in all we are all awaiting the onslaughter of school with high hopes and great expectations I'm sure! Nevertheless, for those interested in remodeling I have multiple examples of how to include your literacy center in the mix.

A literacy center is a learning station or area in a classroom designed for students to visit and learn independently. They have the options of working by themselves or in a small group. All activities are arranged to reinforce ideas and concepts taught in the classroom.

A simple literacy center can have any of these components listed below:
  • Big books, either class-made or bought
  • Big Book Center poster –an area of focus
  • An easel –for large group display
  •  Pointing devices, either teacher-made or bought
  •  Highlighter tape (or colored paper and ordinary tape)
  • Chart paper and other materials used for re-writing texts
  • Props used during shared reading
  • Audio tapes and player
The key idea is that you can transform any corner into a literacy center. 

I am sure that you have seen or heard about elaborate ones that require lots of space and an equal amount of materials that you cannot afford to buy. Well let's take a look at some literacy centers to see what they may look like on a low budget!! 
Literacy Centers

literacy center chart

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Pinned Image

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