Literacy Centers

 Teachers I am sure that you are all gathering as much resources as you can for the upcoming school year. Many of you are focusing on finding suitable books and manipulatives while others are thinking about remodeling your classroom. All in all we are all awaiting the onslaughter of school with high hopes and great expectations I'm sure! Nevertheless, for those interested in remodeling I have multiple examples of how to include your literacy center in the mix.

A literacy center is a learning station or area in a classroom designed for students to visit and learn independently. They have the options of working by themselves or in a small group. All activities are arranged to reinforce ideas and concepts taught in the classroom.

A simple literacy center can have any of these components listed below:
  • Big books, either class-made or bought
  • Big Book Center poster –an area of focus
  • An easel –for large group display
  •  Pointing devices, either teacher-made or bought
  •  Highlighter tape (or colored paper and ordinary tape)
  • Chart paper and other materials used for re-writing texts
  • Props used during shared reading
  • Audio tapes and player
The key idea is that you can transform any corner into a literacy center. 

I am sure that you have seen or heard about elaborate ones that require lots of space and an equal amount of materials that you cannot afford to buy. Well let's take a look at some literacy centers to see what they may look like on a low budget!! 
Literacy Centers

literacy center chart

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