Friday 27 July 2012

Math Tricks! Mnemonics!

The word 'mnemonic' (pronounced NI-MON-IK) is a formula, rhyme or a simple sentence that helps a person remember something. Since math is always perceived by students to be difficult, there is a greater need to project its simplicity by the use of mnemonic devices.

I have used them in the past and I find most of them to be very catchy! Take for instance the one featured below: 

Dad's Silly Triangle

This mnemonic helps you to remember the relationship  between Speed, Time and Distance. Dad has a silly triangle!  Hmm! Can you see that silly triangle?

If you need to find D, cover up D in the triangle and you get S × T.

If you need to find S, cover up S in the triangle and you get D / T.

 If you need to find T, cover up T in the triangle and you get D / S.

Isn't that amazingly more simple to remember than the formula?
There are lots more!!

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  1. Math comes with more tricks and styles to solve a single problem some time we use these tricks for making puzzles and to discover new simple methods. Maths tricks like these type are more liked by me as they are quite refreshing and good.


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