Friday, 24 August 2012

Back To School Clipart Sets

I'm having a sale on my Back To School Clipart Sets at TPT. They would be fun to have and exciting to use simply because they were made for you. Until Sunday you can purchase your back to school clipart sets at 10% off. I'm happy to say that the response that I am getting so far has been amazing!  I didn't think that teachers were in need of clipart that much. Nevertheless, here they are! Tell me which one catches your eye!

Brush and Splash Clipart Set

Finger Paint Clipart Set

Place Value Clipart Set

Big Markers Clipart Set

Pretty Pencils Clipart Set

Many Bottles of Glue Clipart Set

 Remember, the sale ENDS on SUNDAY!! 

Get ready for Autumn with my Pumpkin Patch Clipart Set!


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