MATH Resources

Here are some of my products along with some pinnable ideas from pinterest!

Base Ten Resources

More Base Ten Resources

Fact Family Ideas

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Polygons Foldable


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OMG!  Perfect for math in focus number decomposition! Use a plastic plate and you can write with dry erase!

number concept bag: draw a line down the middle of a baggie.  students manipulate and record all math sentences, e.g., 1+4=5.


This is glitter paint put into zip lock bags to practice writing his numbers.

Expanded notation

Telling time


  1. what do you think about these ideas?

  2. Wonderful blog post! Thank You for this! Can't wait to use the clock idea!

  3. Great ideas! Love the clock idea and the doubles rhymes. Can't wait to use them with my class! Thanks!!!

  4. Sorry, my english is very bad, the blog is great, I will use any ideas in my classroom in Spain. Thank.


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