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Every Teacher Should Have a....

Recently I posted a Teacher's Wish list that highlighted some of the things that would be needed for the eventual return to school. My list looked rather simple, but, I am sure you will agree that these are just some of the things that a teacher must have.

 Today's topic is just as important-  its a 'Must Do List'. Now what is this? Put simply, this is  a list of some of the things that you would like to do in the upcoming school year. You can call it objectives, you can also call it long term goals but, one this is common, every teacher must be guided by a vision. Whether it is to stay in after school to check students' books or to take an active part in a school sports, you must make a 'Must Do List'. This makes your life so much easier, so get organised! :) 

Below are general areas of focus which can assist you in creating your very own Must Do's List.

  1. Model professionalism
  2. Clear communication
  3. Student support
  4. Servitude
  5. Healthy relationships
  6. Inspiration
If you don't know what this list looks like, check out this one by 'You  Know What Mama'. You can click the picture for a better look.

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