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Sight Word Fluency Reading Cards for Home and Classroom Practice

This is a BUNDLE of my Dolch sight words reading fluency cards that represent many themes. These are perfect for homework practice or classroom work. These cards can be printed in vertical form on strips that are stored on keyrings. These cards can be printed on cardstock, laminated, cut and placed on keyrings either in separate sets by grade or altogether. Your cards can be easily stored hanging in your literacy centers where it can be easily accessed by students, especially early finishers. The themes include: Christmas Cute Frogs Cute Monsters Halloween Monsters Ocean Pirate Spring Superhero Tropical Valentines Winter All 220 Dolch Words are listed by grade level ranging from pre-Kindergarten to 3rd grade. These are identified by a number on a yellow dot. The groups of words are: Group ❶ Pre-K (40 words) Group ❷ K (52 words) Group ❸ 1st Grade (41 words) Group ❹ 2nd Grade (46 words) Group ❺ 3rd Grade (41 words) These Dolch sight words are printed in vertical form on strips that are stored on keyrings. …

Editable Calendars For Teachers

Are you looking for a bright, pretty and editable calendar for your classroom? Well you have come to the right place. Here you will find, not one, but three products to suit your needs.
This is an EDITABLE honey bee themed calendarset that runs from August 2020 to August 2021. To use this powerpoint calendar all you need to do is insert a text box on the date then type. I included one for you with an embedded font so you can copy and paste that text box if you wish.

This editable calendar is great for planning or tracking class lessons and events. You can mark homework or create student activity sheets. A great way to use this resource is for marking important events and deadlines which can be sent to parents to keep as a handy reference.