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Well Paul Taylor over at Babysitting Jobs has some great ideas just for you. He has compiled a great list of ideas and suggestions entitled ' 30 Blogs With Great Teacher Holiday Gift Ideas'. You can browse each of the suggested sites according to the type of gift you're looking for. It is truly edifying!

So hop on over to this wonderful article that is going to make your last minute shopping a whole lot easier!
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Free Monster Toppers Label

Hi there! I just wanted to send yet another freebie your way today. It is from my recently completed Monster Toppers Variety Pack. This pack contains two designed labels of seven different colors. It is available at both of my stores.

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Writing With Sense and A FREEBIE!

I have the unearthing experience of teaching kids who are reluctant to write. I guide them and teach them well  yet still they always get depressed (really) when it comes to putting their thoughts down on paper. My 12 year old hates to write so much that you can actually see the transformation of feelings at the very sight of lined paper. It seems to be an isolated case, but I'm pretty sure that you have seen that before. I must say that I have a few tricks up my sleeve for her during this holiday time despite her celebratory mode. I'm going to get her to write by engaging her senses at this time. So this is my plan!

Focus on Adjectives
Adjectives are very important in writing so we will match all five senses with as much adjectives as possible. For example;
                       sight-pretty, beautiful, ugly, green, white, orange
                       smell-sweet, good, bad
                       sound-loud, quiet
                       feel-hard, soft, rough
                       taste-sweet, yummy, sour, bitter, nasty
We will eventually rule out the weak and unimaginative words for the more colorful ones.

Experience The Senses
This is an opportunity for us to gather as many sensory objects as possible to experience  the senses at work. The key here is to describe an object using as many senses as is possible.

Writing With Sense
This is the actual writing or documenting of experiences. In this process thoughts become words and words fuse together into a cohesive piece. In other words, I say what I mean, I mean what I say. So, at this point there must be a definite change in behavior.

I have put some ideas down on paper to help with descriptive writing and it is FREE for the taking. It is suitable for kids from Kindergarten to Grade 1 depending on their working level.
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 Anyway I've got to go. Let's see how much I could accomplish. :)

FREE Random Hearts for Christmas and Valentines

It's been a while since I have done any clip art and I think that it's time that I re-started the old mill :). I love doing it, but it really takes a lot of time, really a lot of time.  I have soo many unfinished sets that I think I want to start clearing out the 'To Complete' folder. I know most of you are in pre-Christmas mode but I am offering my Random Hearts set early especially for those early starters. This set is done in both png and jpg formats. There are 33 in each.

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Merry Christmas to All!

Faith makes all things possible,
Hope makes all things work,
Love makes all things beautiful,
May you have all the three for this Christmas. 

Christmas Clip Art
Merry Christmas from A Teacher's Idea

What To Write In A Christmas Card

Are you looking for cute or classy little messages and verses to add some punch and pizzazz to your Christmas cards? Well you have come to the right channel :)! I found a fantastic website which does just that for me so I am sharing it with you. The folks Homemade Gifts Made Easy is your one stop shop for any category of verses or messages that you may need this Christmas. Whether it's general, religious, non-religious or biblical these lovely verses can carry your message straight to the heart! Guys, it is truly worth checking out!

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Our Plastic Nightmare

Someone sent me a great article from that talks about my favorite topic, Recycling.  The article contains an infographic that paints a dark reality and an even gloomy future for us and our practices. The infographic seeks to educate all about the need for the recycling of plastic to avoid a future of gloom and despair. The reality of the production and consumption of plastic is portrayed most vividly and realistically as a 'Plastic Nightmare' in this image. According to the graphic, the way out for us is in the conservation of energy by recycling of old plastics. This generation of consumers must change their habits.

You can read the article and get the original infographic with an HTML code by clicking HERE.

Plastic Infographic

Free Christmas Gift Tags!

Today I am sending  Season's Greetings your way with a very special FREE DOWNLOAD. Its my set of Christmas gift tags that I created for you as a way of saying thanks for your tremendous support. Just download and print on sturdy paper to send good tidings to your dear friends and family.

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The Elf on The Shelf and Myself!

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition with Blue Eyed North Pole
Picture Courtesy

The Elf on The Shelf is an endearing Christmas classic that gives one of Santa's Elves the responsibility of checking on little kids to report to Santa on their behavior. The book is sold together with an elf doll which parents are to place at strategic points about the house throughout the year. When this is done kids are reminded constantly about good behavior as the elf is 'watching' them. 

Time Saving Tips For Teachers!

Time Management is a skill that teachers have not yet learned how to master in the classroom.There are always too many things to do and too little time for us to do it in! Sometimes we try to squeeze everything into the daily grind and come out more stressed and depressed! Other times we simply leave the things out which seem less important to get the more important things organized and out of the way. But, unfortunately this practice just makes us feel more and more inefficient! What usually happens is that the quality of our teaching becomes the sacrificial lamb.

I present to you today some time saving tips just for you and proposed by K.J. Wagner over at Education Oasis. Let's see how best we can reverse the "stressed" feeling and make "desserts" out of those pesky time robbers!

Time Saving Tips For Teachers

1. Use a daily planner to keep on top of things! Always refer to it!

2. Leave difficult tasks for peak energy periods! When you're tired, do the smaller tasks!

3. Try scanning for students while they are at work instead of calling students names in order, one by one to take roll.

4. From the beginning of the year assign each student a number which corresponds with the number in your roll book. Let them learn their number and use it on all papers to be submitted. The papers can then be arranged in numerical order for easy referencing especially at the end of the term or semester.

5. Gradebook software can help you save a lot of time once you get the hang of it. There are some free ones out there in cyber land and there are some paid products also. If you are versed in the Microsoft Office Suite programs then you can use Microsoft Access for creating database also. Check a colleague for some ideas.

6. Allow self-grading and peer-grading when appropriate.

7. When students are passing papers have them pass them across and the person at the end will pass them forward. This reduces the amount of poking and upsets and of course the amount of time wasted.

8. Post a list of classroom routine and procedures.

9. Assign tasks to students.

10. Consolidate trips to the office instead of running up and down several times during the day.

Keep a file folder handy with forms or worksheets that you use regularly. 

These are just some of the ideas on saving time so that we can enjoy desserts instead! However, if you wish you can read the entire article at education oasis. Click HERE for the article.