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The Importance of Word Walls

I am always fascinated by the power that word walls can have on the learning pace of our kids. It can do so much for us that I think that it is a great idea to make one. Do you all know about it? Well today's post on WORD WALLS will show you the benefits of having one!  Are all teachers, educators and parents aware of this great learning tool? How much do you know about them? Well I think that this is something worth blogging about so let's get a few ideas in here. What is a Word Wall? My own way of explaining this would be that a word wall is a wall where word cards are placed for visual reference. Beth Lewis from k6educators describes it as a wall that teachers designate"...for displaying commonly used vocabulary and/or sight words in large print so that all students can read the words from their desks." According to Lewis the wall helps students to get familiar with the vocabulary and to reinforce it visually. Photo Courtesy Rainbows Within Reach


When you become a parent you may want to take a different career path than the one you were on. As a parent your priorities sometimes shift from being career driven to family driven. While you are providing for your family you can pursue other career ideas and still be there for your children. Here are a few ideas that you can try to see which fits for you: Work At Home Mom Careers There are several ways you can work from home as a mother. Many businesses are turning to telecommuting as a main drive for their call centers and administrative tasks. Some outside sales agents work primarily from their homes as well. There's a wide variety of work from home career choices you can choose. More and more parents are finding that working from home is their best option. They can work as a call center customer service representative, a virtual assistant, a blogger or marketer from the comfort of their home. They can be there for their children and still earn an income to help w

Mardi Gras Mini Book

Mardi Gras, Carnival, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, call it what you wish it is the same  celebration of fun and feasting that takes place before the season of Lent. In my country of Trinidad and Tobago we celebrate with our Calypso and Soca music,  fetes , steel pan competitions and many street parades. This year I have many favorite Soca renditions, but the one I will call my super favorite is sung by Machel Montano . Click the Youtube link below to hear this energetic and infectious music! If you wish to hear some more great Soca music just type 'Soca Mix 2013'  in Youtube. Well enough of this and on to my Mardi Gras mini book This mini book gives kids some facts about what takes place for Mardi Gras. It can be used in your Social Studies lesson or as a guided reading activity. It contains such terms as floats, doubloon, jester and souvenirs. Also included are 10 face masks for your students to decorate with feathers and a little glitter d