Exploring Light Properties with Eye-Catching Clip Art: Enhance Your Science Lessons!


properties of light clip art, nicadez

Are you looking to brighten up your science lessons? These light properties clip art images are just what you need! From reflection to refraction, these high-quality images are perfect for illustrating key concepts in your classroom.


With this set you can create engaging worksheets, presentations, and interactive activities that will captivate your students and enhance their understanding of the properties of light. Whether you're teaching about the colors of the rainbow or the behaviour of light waves, our diverse collection has you covered.

Included are both colored and blackline versions created as png files (transparent background). 

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Power Up Your Science Lessons with Eye-Catching Electricity Clip Art


Electricity & Circuits Clip Art by Nicole Hernandez

Are you looking for the perfect set of electricity clipart for your science lessons? This electricity clipart collection is perfect for you! Our high-quality png images are perfect for creating dynamic and informative lessons that will captivate your students.

With this set, you can easily create visually appealing worksheets, task cards, interactive notebooks, and quizzes that will effectively illustrate complex concepts. Whether you're teaching the basic electricity principles or exploring circuits, our diverse clipart selection has you covered.


There are 40 realistic electricity clip art images are created with transparent backgrounds which makes them easy to drag and drop into your project’s layout.

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 ----------------------------------- [ I N F O R M A T I O N ] ---------------------------------

 This set contains PNG files, LARGE images - easy resizing with transparent background (png format keeps a transparent background and perfect to use as graphics in most programs). - Regular Terms of Use and Brand Logo * Blackline Versions are included * Watermarks do not appear on final version. 
All images were created by Nicole Hernandez