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Jumpstart January With Bookmarks

Are you looking for an easy and functional way of getting your students to make new year resolutions and keep them? Well, this is just for you! Your students get to write simple yet attainable goals then  use these bookmarks as visual reminders. For one of them I chose the rooster graphic as a wake up callto motivate them along the way also. It's like keeping them in check with their efforts. Isn't that cute? I also made sets that include a bunny, a wild safari and  a bear. They can have as many bookmarks that they wish. The key is to reach their target. You can add motivational stars to the bookmarks also as a way to reward them for their efforts too! These  bookmarks work well with the Chinese New Year theme even though I already have a set for that. Check out both my New Year Resolution Bookmarks and the Chinese New Year Bookmarks below.

New Years resolution Bookmarks on TES Resources New Years Resolution Bookmarks on TPT

Chinese New Years resolution Bookmarks on TES Resourc…

This is My Spankin' New Teacher Store

I have so exciting news for you!My new storeis open! Please check out my newly launched online store at TES Resources, and let me know what you think! I'm so excited about it especially after I have spent the past week fixing it up. 

My goal for this upcoming new year 2017 is to market my resources to a wider teaching audience. I just finished my master's degree this year so I wanted to try to get my work out on a much larger scale. TES Resources has been such a wonderful experience and I am all for teacherpreneurs like me to hone in on this opportunity.

So are you ready? Just click on the image above to go directly to my TES Resources.

Become a TES author - Take the Plunge!

Are you passionate about education? Do you like helping others? Are you interested in earning extra cash or learning how to build a business? Join me and many other teacherpreneurs at TES Resources! 

TES Resources has the following benefits:

Discounting and shopfunctionality
A resource bundler tool
Up to 80% royal…