Instant Sight Words

 Looking for sight word printables? Then you have come to the right space. I just created a super pack of great ideas for your sight word focus. This pack has the first one hundred words of Dr. Fry's instant words that children encounter in their reading. I put in a lot of work into this and I am so happy with what I came up with! Over 200 pages just for you!

This pack contains:

First Hundred Word List
Word Wheels
Word Wall Words
Molding Mats
Center Word Cards
Phrases and Sentences
Picture Nouns List
Picture Nouns Cards
Word and Picture Matching Cards
I Know My Fry Words Booklet
I Know My Picture Nouns Sets 1-5

 If you are interested then click the picture above to be taken to my TPT store.

Book Hospital

It is always heart breaking to throw away old books to make way for new ones. Over the years I have kept repairing titles to get just a little more life out of them. I am not as fortunate as many so I hold on to what I have simply because replacements are not forthcoming, unless I spend my own money on new ones (sometimes). So, for this new year I'm really going to have to throw away the worn out ones, especially those that my students have used so much that pages are missing.

Here's one of my favorites that I could not bear to throw away. With a little glue and tape it's going to be a-okay for my budding readers.

My Blogging Resolutions for 2015

Image Courtesy Flickr user Edmund Gall
Happy New Year!!! Wow! It's another year and it is time for self-reflection and setting goals for a better year. It is the time for making changes to practices that either didn't work well or simply just was not used. For the past year blogging for me was not a major priority because of the countless assignments for my Masters Degree in Education. Well, I thought about my lack of vigor and decided that for this new year 2015 I am going to make a greater effort to blog, at least once a month, until I am finished studying come July. No more product promos (fewer :)) no more blog lags! Purely helpful teaching ideas and meaningful content! I'm going to make it a monthly feature with pictures of my day-to-day experiences as a Caribbean teacher. I just started exploring more of the social media like Twitter and Instagram, so I know that I am on the right path.

So have you thought about your own priorities and planned a way of getting things done a little better this time around? You just need to shuffle and juggle your time, at least for the first month or so before you can get things settled. Good luck!!:)

Picture Sequencing Cards

This resource is the perfect addition to your writing and literacy centers. This is a set of 27 THREE-framed story cards for your students to arrange in sequential order. Each story set is COLOR-coded to facilitate easy ordering. The set includes:

27 three-frame story cards
1 blank set
1 three-framed mat
2 Story Sequencing writing sheets ( formatted with frame labels 1-2-3 and first-the-last)
2 Event Sequencing writing sheets (formatted with frame labels 1-2-3 and first-then-last)

Take a look at the sample activity below:

This set was created for students to practice the comprehension skill of sequencing. I recommended that you use these frames to support your teaching after the concept has been taught. Teacher guidance goes a long way in getting students to make sense of what they are viewing and in making meaningful connections.

Recently Updated:

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