Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Jumpstart January With Bookmarks

Are you looking for an easy and functional way of getting your students to make new year resolutions and keep them? Well, this is just for you! Your students get to write simple yet attainable goals then  use these bookmarks as visual reminders. For one of them I chose the rooster graphic as a wake up call to motivate them along the way also. It's like keeping them in check with their efforts. Isn't that cute? I also made sets that include a bunny, a wild safari and  a bear. They can have as many bookmarks that they wish. The key is to reach their target. You can add motivational stars to the bookmarks also as a way to reward them for their efforts too! These  bookmarks work well with the Chinese New Year theme even though I already have a set for that. Check out both my New Year Resolution Bookmarks and the Chinese New Year Bookmarks below.

New Years Resolution Bookmarks on TPT

Chinese New Years resolution Bookmarks on TES Resources
Chinese New Years Resolution Bookmarks on TPT

A Beary Good Year resolution Bookmarks on TES Resources
A Beary Good Year Resolution Bookmarks on TPT

WildYear resolution Bookmarks on TES Resources
Wild Year Resolution Bookmarks on TPT

A Hoppy New Years resolution Bookmarks on TES Resources
A Hoppy New Year Resolution Bookmarks on TPT

A Swan-to-be Happy New Years resolution Bookmarks on TES Resources
A Swan-to-be Happy New Year Resolution Bookmarks on TPT

Ready to Read New Years resolution Bookmarks on TES Resources
Ready to Read New Year Resolution Bookmarks on TPT

Bee-zy Bee-havior New Years resolution Bookmarks on TES Resources
Bee-zy Bee-havior New Year Resolution Bookmarks on TPT

Snappy New Years resolution Bookmarks on TES Resources
Snappy New Year Resolution Bookmarks on TPT

Ready to WRITE New Years resolution Bookmarks on TES Resources
Ready to WRITE New Year Resolution Bookmarks on TPT

 Making New Year Resolutions and keeping them is not an easy task so make sure your students stay focused and keep on target so that they can look back with pride on their achievements at the end of 2017!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

This is My Spankin' New Teacher Store

 I have so exciting news for you! My new store is open! Please check out my newly launched online store at TES Resources, and let me know what you think! I'm so excited about it especially after I have spent the past week fixing it up. 

TES Resources

My goal for this upcoming new year 2017 is to market my resources to a wider teaching audience. I just finished my master's degree this year so I wanted to try to get my work out on a much larger scale. TES Resources has been such a wonderful experience and I am all for teacherpreneurs like me to hone in on this opportunity.

So are you ready? Just click on the image above to go directly to my TES Resources.

Become a TES author - Take the Plunge!

Are you passionate about education? Do you like helping others? Are you interested in earning extra cash or learning how to build a business? Join me and many other teacherpreneurs at TES Resources

TES Resources has the following benefits:

Discounting and shop functionality

            A resource bundler tool

              Up to 80% royalty around the world

            No upfront fees

           Free resource listings

           Zip file enabled uploading

           Preview image selection

           A tool to back-up your resources

           Featured author blog and homepage

          Global exposure - and much more!

                                                                        Sounds Interesting?
If you are already a seller and you would like to add your entire volume of resources to open your TES store click the link below to start the bulk upload process. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

There is No Stress Like Teacher Stress: The Ultimate Guide To Teacher Happiness

Chances are that one day you would be made to feel that you're either not working hard enough with your students OR you are simply not good at teaching. Well, that is a problem that we all face and in most cases the opinions of others are not necessarily true. So you find yourself reflecting and going over your own practice with a fine-tooth comb. This is inevitable! I wish I could say that it cannot or would not happen, but it always does. This post is not about avoiding being criticized or chastised for your efforts. It's about offering ways of lessening that feeling of worthlessness; it's about coping with the bad and finding boosters for your morale. Here's my ultimate guide to teacher happiness!

Stay Positive

I know that you're probably tired of hearing this, but it is the best piece of advice anyone can offer. Stay positive! Find something that you look forward to doing that helps you take your mind off of bad situations. I love creating resources for teachers and students and this is how I began to spend my spare time. If you enjoy taking care of your flower garden  or simply writing memoirs then do just that. At the end of the day I look forward to spending my time doing the things I enjoy and you should too!

Another way of staying positive is to do something for someone else. Recently I took the opportunity to do something for my friend who least expected it. She was very happy and I got a chance to focus on somebody else besides me.

Exercise!!! You can devote at least twenty minutes to walking or any other aerobic activity to keep your mind at ease. I enjoy exercise in the comfort of my own home since I am steeped with work most times. I either do it early in the morning (at 4:00 am) or at about 7 o'clock at night. The weather does not always hold out so most times I am indoors. You should probably try searching for some easy exercise videos on youtube. I love Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zone a lot.

Another great way to keep yourself thinking positive is to spend some money on an experience rather than buying expensive things. When you do this you don't feel all that guilty knowing that what you spent money on is an experience. There's nothing to make you feel bad more than to spend money on an object which when you think more about it, there was no need for it. I'm sure you know what I mean.

Change how you react

You can change how you react to the world of disappointment and stress by looking for the good in a bad situation. So your principal gives you a low score on the accountability scale and this makes you feel unappreciated. The natural thing to do is to rehash those feelings and put yourself under the microscope to see where you can make small improvements where possible. I know this may sound cliched but dwelling on the bad comments would not put you anywhere closer to comfort or a sound peace of mind. Change how you see the situation and your mindset would be more positive.
Of course you may not have had all that was required of you in your appraisal and your principal might have come down on you pretty hard, but look at it as a hurdle. Take that leap forward and you will get to your goal. Make the small moments count! 

Sustain good habits

Create good habits and sustain them! Get rid of those habits that are not so good! Spend no more time on the things that are not good for you; the things that are not productive. At the end of the day there should be no doubt that your time has been spent productively. Start coming to school earlier. Spend some extra time on the things that need your attention. Don't waste your time anymore. Sustaining those good habits and eliminating those that are counterproductive is a surefire way of becoming a happier teacher!

Seek social support

In my weakest moments I turn to my family and friends for both encouragement and support. They may not understand too well the troubles before me but they do listen to what I have to say. Sometimes a listening ear is all that you need at the end of the day. At times they can be so helpful and unobtrusive when I go on my rants. There is no advice that I love to hear more than a positive one. Dealing with your troubles seem to be an insurmountable task but believe me you are not in it alone. Take some time to use your social support. It is a great thing to know that there is a structure of support that is just waiting there to help you get it together!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How To Add More Fun into Learning Science!

Adding fun into the learning of Science is a great way to get students to remember really hard concepts for a longer period of time. I'm always looking for wonderful ideas which would get these young detectives on the right track. What about ensuring that every unit has just the right amount of pizzazz to captivate your kiddos and keep them engaged? Well that is easy with these great ideas that I came across recently. It has to do with a scientific journey on a magic school bus!
I'm writing today to tell you about this AMAZING , HANDS-ON, YEAR-LONG SCIENCE JOURNEY!

For All the Kids Who Love to Ask “Why?"


The Magic School Bus Science Club is a 12- month science kit subscription based on the award-winning series, The Magic School Bus. If you haven't heard about the series before, each of the stories center on the antics of a frizzy-red haired fictional elementary school teacher, Ms. Frizzle, and her class, who board a “magic school bus” to take them on field trips to impossible locations, like the solar system, clouds, the past, and inside the human body. This story-based learning took the science scene by storm in the 90's.

But it's the 2000s!!

The kit subscription takes it to the next level with HANDS ON learning that all ties into the stories! It's also HALF OFF FOR 10 MORE DAYS! This is a great choice for families with multiple children, kinesthetic, and visual learners - and just a fun, educational activity for a rainy day! The kits include experiments related to Volcanoes, Weather, Water, Fossils, Bacteria and Fungi, Star and Planets, and the weather, which, given recent events I want to brush up on, too. One experiment I've been really excited to try is the Volcano Kit! The kit comes with a small volcanic rock, a pumice stone, sheets of paper, black paint, paint brush, a magnifying glass all to build a volcano. Check out the video below to see the fun experiment and explosive result (this one is from Educents so you don't have to see my kitchen..)

 And there are so many more experiments!

Think of a sibling science club coming to life in your home - or friends bonding over making volcanoes explode, and learning all about how the human body works! Getting kids excited about STEM learning is exciting stuff. And it's especially exciting because it's HALF OFF FOR 10 MORE DAYS. Here's the run down:
  The 12 Magic School Bus themed science experiments sent to your doorstep, monthly include:
  • Detailed, extensive 12-page colorful manual that is full of experiments and topic information
  • Each manual was based on the award winning Magic School Bus Book (and TV) series
  • A handy dandy cheat sheet for adults, so you can lead the way with no background in science (shhh.. I always preferred reading...)
  • Tools and instructions for a at least 7 interactive experiments per month
  • Online Clubhouse for further exploration on each package topic (take advantage of this!!)
  • Certificate of Completion - a great way to reinforce learning and accomplishments
The Price: Package is for $119.00 currently (50% off deal for only ten days). You do have to pay it at once, but it comes out to $10/month over the course of the year. For me, that's a solid investment!


Thursday, 29 September 2016

All About Adverbs

This resource pack covers the definition of adverbs, the main types of adverbs, how to identify them and how to distinguish between adverbs and adjectives. This pack is ideally for first grade but can also be used as a starter or quick re-cap for any class. The Adverbs Poster makes for a large, colorful and pointed class display and copies of it can be laminated and given to students to refer to during their writing.

Here is a free sample page from this resource.

This resource includes:-
Word Wall Posters 
Adverb Header Cards
Adverb Word Cards
Printable Worksheets
Adverb Cheat Sheets for notebooks. (Two per print)

Adverb concepts covered:
Adverbs of Time -- When?
Adverbs of Place -- Where?
Adverbs of Manner -- How?
Adverbs of Frequency -- How often?
Adverbs of Degree - To what degree?

To get further details go to my TpT store.


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