Sunday, 6 May 2018

5 Critical Skills for Reading Readiness

I believe that many parents today are only now realising how important they really are to the reading success of their children. If many were to turn the hands of time and go back to their child's infancy,  I believe that they would have done things differently, if they could! I always encourage my school parents to help their children at home in any way possible, but, sad to say, many are either too busy or too tired. As a result, many five-year-olds continue to struggle daily. Indeed this is heart-wrenching! At this time of year we often see the agony and disappointment on their faces as they look on at their classmates who made it successfully to another class level.

Reading readiness has been defined as the point at which a child is ready to read.  Let me just say that all children are not ready at the same time and few children come to school fully ready. According to experts a child's state of reading readiness is determined by many factors including the child’s self-concept, his or her values and attitude towards education, physiological and psychological maturity, and motivation. Many proport that there are five (5) critical skills which teachers can examine to identify those students who are ready to read. The following is a video sketch of the critical readiness skills.

Print Awareness

Letter Knowledge

Phonological Awareness

Listening Comprehension

Motivation to Read

Friday, 23 March 2018

Teaching Place Value Using Abacus

A Teacher's Idea,

An abacus is an excellent resource for helping your students understand the concept of place value at any level. It can help them visualize the meaning of the places and internalize the grouping strategy behind it. An abacus shows clearly the two columns, ones (units) and the tens which students can manipulate themselves until they can completely internalize this concept. I have created a 2D set of place value mat and abacus cards to help with the translation from the concrete to the iconic stage of learning for students.

This is a set of abacus cards and mat for students to show the place value of tens and ones. Simply print and laminate the 2-digit number cards, abacus beads and the place value mat. Cut out the individual pieces and store in a ziploc bag.
place value; base ten

Also included are abacus task cards for number writing practice.
base ten

 You can check them out further by clicking any of the pictures above. Check back often for more Abacus place value resources for the different levels.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Multiplication Concept Posters

I just completed my multiplication posters for helping students to grasp this concept. These display posters feature kid-friendly graphics to illustrate your teaching on this topic. Great for enhancing your classroom, for general display, or as discussion prompts, this pack supports teaching the basics of the multiplication concept and strategies for young learners.

The pack includes:
General multiplication posters

DEFINITION POSTERS for the following key mathematical terms:

multiplication tables

STRATEGY POSTERS for multiplication:

skip counting
equal groups
repeated addition of rows/columns in an array
commutative property
distributive property

To purchase this file, head to either of my shops by clicking the buttons below!

Monday, 5 March 2018

Mega March Savings at TES

Are you a first time buyer on TES Resources? If you are then here's a heap of savings for you.  For the month of March you can get 60% off your first purchase worth up to US$14/A$18 or the equivalent in UK pounds. Yes, it's true! Now is the time to march into saving opportunities and get your much needed teaching resources. You can start by checking out my shop which has over 400 fun favorable resources. Go to A Teacher's Idea TES Store now! You can use the search interface to find what you need! Happy shopping!

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Sight Word Resources Must-Haves

Check out my growing list of resources that I think you must have to make sight word learning for your students both fun and meaningful!

I am super excited about this set that I updated today! Yay! I'm not done yet! I'm working on other Dolch Noun resources so check back often for updates! :)

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