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Opinion Writing (OREO Method) Graphic Organizers and More

Students need lots of examples and practice before they can write their own opinion. OREO Opinion writing is a fun and engaging way for students to express their thoughts and voice their opinion effectively about anything. This is a great teaching resource to use when teaching your students about opinion writing since the OREO acronym can help them remember what they need to put in the paragraph(s) of their opinion pieces. The OREO acronym stands for:
O - Opinion (Clearly Stated) R - Reasons for your Opinion E - Examples that Explain/Support Your Opinion O - Opinion Restated

This resource contains posters, graphic organizers and worksheets for your students to get much needed practice when teaching persuasive writing skills.


It's My Oreo Poster (colored)
It's My Oreo Poster (b+w)
4 OREO Graphic Organizers (colored)
4 OREO Graphic Organizers (b+w)
2 OREO Poster Graphic Organizer (colored and b+w)
Opinion Writing vs Persuasive Writing Anchor Chart
Fact vs Opinion Anchor Chart
35 ORE…

Picture Writing Prompts with Sequencing Cards for Daily Writing

These picture writing prompts with sequencing cards are great for young writers who need more support in early writing. Your students get an opportunity to use their visual discrimination skills to help them pay attention to details in pictures. They may choose to order the cards first (ORDER TO WRITE) or another option is to complete the writing sheets then order the cards (WRITE TO ORDER). Ultimately they will be writing sentences about the pictures given. They also get to color their pictures and sequence the sheets to create their own little book as a keepsake. Simply print the page/s and review the directions with them. Encourage them to write one or two sentences that describe the picture on any given sheet. I also included a blank writing sheet for extended writing should it be necessary. The sheets are great for homework or small group work in which case they can each be given a different page to prepare a group book instead.The picture cards can be laminated and sequenced fir…

Rights and Responsibilities of a Child Posters and Notebook Sheets

Just like adults, children also have rights and responsibilities that come with them. These printables highlight 12 of the rights and responsibilities explained in the UN Charter. I created these posters with kid-friendly graphics and simple sentences to make a clear distinction between both terms. There are 12 Rights and Responsibilities that come in black and white and color. These posters work well as notebook pages or anchor charts for social studies or character education lessons. I included mini version for you to use as reading cards also. This set works well with Children’s Day which is recognised on various days in many places around the world, with Universal Children’s day celebrations or it can be used all year round to enhance social skills. If you might be interested in these beautiful posters and more then check out any of my stores at the links below:

TES Resources

Teachers Notebook

Teachers Pay Teachers


Procedural Writing Prompts and a Freebie

This extensive set of procedural 'How To' writing prompts will give your students many opportunities to write to explain different procedures for others to follow. The goal is for them to write clearly and accurately by using specific instruction to teach others how to perform given tasks. Responses to these prompts can be written in four clear steps (First-Next-Then-Last) or the steps can be written as 1,2,3 and so on.

Included in this resource are 120 colorful writing prompts
5 writing templates from which to choose

Simply print, laminate then cut out the cards. You may choose to group them by color into six sets and have your students try to complete all of that particular color. Store them in ziplock bags or small containers that are easily accessible for your students. Alternatively you can have them choose any color that they fancy. The key skill targeted is their ability to write the procedure in sequential steps. At the end they can staple all the sheets together and prod…