How to Maximize Classroom Space

Many teachers are faced with the stark reality of making full use of a limited classroom space. Oftentimes it means stockpiles of stuff causing clutter and chaos. So added to the normal humdrum of class dilemmas we also have to organize and reorganize our space in order to keep it both friendly and conducive for learning. I do all sorts of planning and designing during the vacation, yet when school starts its the same old story. 

How do we maximize our classroom space without the cluttered look? Here are a few ideas for your perusal. I am surely going to try some of these:

Physical Classroom Space

Despite the size, your classroom can give a large appearance by how well you utilize the space available. Wall color, desk placement and lighting can add to this effect.

Provide Centers


Find a corner to have your learning centers. If that is not remotely possible then I suggest you make it portable by using boxes, baskets or bowls that students can handle by themselves .
You can also make one that can hang somewhere in the classroom or even on the side of your cupboard. Look at these from ideas from other teachers:

Recycled Boxes

Take a Tour of Our Classroom
Hanging Chart Center

Take a Tour of Our Classroom

Take a Tour of Our Classroom
A Hanging Center at the side of a cupboard. Note the hooks!

Classroom Decor
I mentioned this earlier so here are a few examples from my fellow bloggers:

Pinned Image
Wall Decor

Pinned Image
Chalkboard Decor

Pinned Image
Cupboard Decor
Bulletin Board Decor

Safety/Emergency Preparedness

Ensure that students can move around quickly without restrictions in the case of an emergency. If your classroom space poses a challenge then I suggest that you have a safety drill so that students know how to filter out quickly.

Caboose Classroom Job

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