Brain Breaks in the Classroom

 Activity breaks
Brain Breaks
Spring Break (Easter vacation) has come to an end and some of you are mentally prepared for the start of school. Good for you! Well I must confess, I had a wonderful two weeks and I just wish it could have been longer. Now don't call me greedy, it's just that I need more time to re-energize myself for my young and more energetic bunch. Wow! These 6 year olds had me really going last term! I have seen so many antics and 'crazytude' that I can only boil it down to a generational shift in attitude.

So how do I regain the control that is necessary for both teaching and learning success? How do I capture the energy and re-focus that energy towards a more positive classroom environment? Well, I have found that answer! I think we all need to take a break; A Brain Break!

Brain Breaks are short episodes of activity in the classroom that help re-energize both teacher and students. These physical activity breaks during the day provide students the opportunity to get away from their desks for a moment to wake up a little. Instead of sitting all day, reading and writing, take a break! Have them do simple kinesthetic actions that would inject some fun, laughter and enjoyment, briefly. Give the brain a break!

There are many activities that you can engage them in, depending on their level. The younger kids can be asked to perform actions like certain animals, or do a number of tasks in the correct order. There are so many things that you can do, but it helps to check out a few on the internet.

Below are a few sites which offer some brain break activities for any level. Check them out yourself!

 General Information on Brain Breaks

1. Action for Healthy Kids

2. Equal Works

3. National Association for Sport and Physical Education

Specific activities/ suggestions

1. Your Therapy Source

2. Michigan Department of Education

3. Dr Jean Brain Breaks

Here is a sample brain break activity with some musical accompaniment.

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