Friday 31 May 2013

Independence Day 4th of July Resource Pack For Elementary Teachers

This Independence Day, 4th of July resource pack contains activities that can work for kids at any level. There are coloring activities for the little or weak ones as well as writing activities for the older or stronger students. There are also fantastic colored illustration cards for you the teacher.

This resource pack contains the following:
1 I’m a Proud America Kid mini reader in color (8 half pages) for your literacy center.
1I’m a Proud America Kid mini reader in Black and White (8 half pages) for kids to color and keep.
1My American Symbols Mini Book (14 half pages) in Black and White for kids to color and keep.
14 American Symbols Illustrated Cards (color with labels)
14 American Symbols Illustrated Cards (color without labels).
8 American Patriotic Songs and Document Illustrated cards (color with labels).
8 American Patriotic Songs and Documents Illustrated cards (color without labels).
Get 4 Facts! Writing activity graphic organizer sheets
Get 4 Facts! writing activity writing sheets


The American symbols included in this pack are:
The Bald Eagle
Statue of Liberty
The Rose
The Washington Monument
The American Flag
The Liberty Bell
The Great Seal
The White House
Uncle Sam
Lady Justice
The Lincoln Memorial
The Oak Tree
Mount Rushmore
The President
The Star Spangled Banner
The Pledge of Allegiance
The Declaration of Independence
The U.S. Constitution
Bill of Rights
The American’s Creed
The National Motto
Patriotic Song-America The Beautiful

**Please note that this resource does NOT contain the facts. It is suggested that you use this pack to support your chosen unit.**

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