Sunday 24 June 2012

Developing Fine Motor Skills Ideas!

At the beginning of the new school year I will be having a blast with my new first year class (kindergarteners). I am already excited about this because I think that I am better prepared this second time around. So to celebrate my new joy I have already started searching around looking for ideas for developing their fine motor skills. Guess what?  There are tons of ideas in blog land!!

Here are some of the ideas that I found.

Fine Motor Activities
Take a piece of cardboard and punch holes around the outside. Have your child use a piece of yarn (with a piece of tape wrapped around its end) and "lace" the board, by bringing the yarn down one hole and up through another hole. Continue until all of the holes are laced. (You can also use an old shoelace for this activity.)

Cork Board Horse
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Marble Game

marble game 
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Gluing Dots and Buttons
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Stacking Blocks
Fine Motor Skills
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