Sunday 7 October 2012


As a teacher-researcher I kinda stick to new terms and ideas like glue. I spend some time looking for explanations and examples, at least to make sure that I understand the concept fully enough that I can introduce it to my students. But this concept really blew me away! From the term 'notebooking' I conjured images of computer notebooks being used by students to connect with the teacher to complete tasks in the classroom. Well, I guess I WAS WRONG! I spent so much time following that image that I completely forgot the old, traditional meaning-writing in notebooks! What a laugh that was! :)

Notebooking is the writing of facts and information on lined sheets of paper or a notebook that is accompanied by pictures and drawings. The notes and drawings together can assist students in the creation of meaning.

Below I have included some examples of notebooking. I am sure that most of you are already using this teaching tool in your classroom.


For more details check these sites:

The Notebooking Fairy
Notebooking Pages
Notebooking at Squidoo

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