Paper Plate Plus!

 My earlier posts showed different ideas about how simple, recyclable materials can be used to make almost anything in the classroom. I just love how paper and plastic plates can be so great for making teaching aids. Check back later on in the week to see more uses for the paper plates in the classroom.

Paper Plate Clocks
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Paper Plate Stencils
Paper Plate Stencils
Teaching Angles

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Teaching the Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Spring and Easter Science Butterfly Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Materials Needed: 
. Pasta- Shells & Bowtie and twist
. White Beans
. Paper Plates
. Twigs and leaves
. Pen
. Glue
. Labels- Eggs, Caterpillar, Chrysalis, Butterfly

 Divid your plate into four spaces. Glue your materials down in the relevant space.
 Space 1- “Eggs”
1 leaf with 3 white beans
Space 2- “Caterpillar”
1 leaf with 1 rotini pasta
Space 3- “Chrysalis”
1 twig with 1 shell pasta
Space 4- “Butterfly”
1 bowtie pasta. Draw antennae with your pen

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