Penny saving ideas!

Wow! It is really tough to make ends meet these days! Soo many gadgets for teachers to buy, but if you are anything like me, you can't afford them. So what is the next best thing to do? Use what you have, recycle old stuff, and don't worry too much. There are simple ways to get teaching across to students without wishing and longing for a money fairy to pass your way. 

So let's get started! Today I have for you a few penny saving ideas that will bring learning to your classroom!  


Cheap photo albums used as write-and-wipe flashcard holders!
Dollar store photo albums... Turn them into flashcard fun! Easy to write and wipe, just insert what you are working on. You could even just insert white paper and have them work on writing sight words, so many ways to use them!

I came across this idea on HGTV! 

A Card Holder using swimming noodles!!!

                          card holder

A File Holder using a Dish rack
Dish Drainer to Office Organizer {organize}

A Cookie Sheet for Class News Board!
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Simply attach magnet tape to the back, and then stick it to your white board.

Paper Plates as mini whiteboards!
“Cheap” dry erase boards for the entire classroom.

Boxes as book holders!
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Cereal boxes stuck together for book/paper storage!
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Tissue rolls in a box!
Recycled tissue rolls can be cut and then placed in a box or other container. This can provide several different compartments to help sort and store many utensils: pencil, pen, paint brush, markers etc...

A paper towel holder with page protectors attached by rings. For table top display
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CD packs for ribbon storage.
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Inside of crate seats
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Peg board!
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Hanging sweater shelf for paper storage

Hanging sweater shelf for paper storage...brilliant!


  1. Some teachers find it hard to use glass in projects. They are afraid of the dangers it might cause. Can anybody share how best to use this in the classroom?

  2. oh great ideas, especially the paper plates. really innovative. i love this site!!!!

  3. These are amazing ideas! I will be stealing a few! Thanks for sharing.