Wednesday 15 August 2012

Reduce Waste At School

In this day and age there are some things that are always at the top of our minds. Why do we generate so much wastage of time, money and resources? How can we promote conservation and prevent wastage? There are so many things that we can do personally to address this. In our homes, at our workplace and even in our commute between  places, there are some things that can be done.

Rethink, Recycling has some great advice for teachers.The article, Reduce Waste at School gives us some simple ideas on how we can promote recycling and prevent wastage at school. 
Some of you may find them easy to adopt, while others may need a total overhaul to rethink their position. Whichever one you may be your students need to be exposed to this!

Here is another great article:

Seventh Generations

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