Monday 3 September 2012

How To Organize Your Classroom Library- Without Shelves!

SOS I need help! I have one shelving unit in my classroom and may have to divide it between my library and my students' notebooks. I think that I have a need for at least one more unit. It is not enough for me so I really have to find a pinteresting solution. This is my library corner and the table to the right in this picture is my "sub shelving system' aka all purpose table. The picture below was taken before the start of school and not much has changed. 


Pinterest Ideas

So pinterest is everybody's solution for finding creative and innovative ideas. I must say,  I thought that my search for 'shelf-less' library ideas was an impossible feat, however, i was in for a surprise. 

Take a look at some shelf-less library ideas!

how to make crate cubbies for the classroom

Large containers

Cardboard boxes

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Wooden crates
Plastic Shelves
Shoerack Library

Plastic containers

Mygrafico Digital Arts & Crafts


  1. I saw a coworker set up her library using string tied to the vent bricks (clothes line style). Then, using the middle page for balance, the books were positioned along the string with the title pages facing out.

  2. Can we donate some shelves and bins? I love your site!


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