Monday 19 November 2012

Base Ten Matching Cards

I just love to create resources for teachers. It is my new found passion! Every minute, every hour spent putting stuff together leads to great things. I spent some time creating these matching cards just for the thrill of it! It took me the entire day more or less, but it was all worth it!

These cards are bright, colorful and eye-catching! Included in this card set are number cards 1 to 100 with three bonus cards- numbers 101 and 110, just to show what the higher numbers in the hundreds look like. The picture cards are from 1 to 20 only.

My cards can be sorted, matched or even arranged in numerical order, ascending or descending. They can be used in isolation, that is, as stand-alone on your bulletin boards or displayed in your Math centers. These are just some of the ways that you can use them!

To access these wonderful number cards check my TPT store by clicking HERE or you can get it at my TN store HERE! And don't forget to add your feedback when you do check it out!

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