Wednesday 20 February 2013


When you become a parent you may want to take a different career path than the one you were on. As a parent your priorities sometimes shift from being career driven to family driven. While you are providing for your family you can pursue other career ideas and still be there for your children. Here are a few ideas that you can try to see which fits for you:

Work At Home Mom Careers
There are several ways you can work from home as a mother. Many businesses are turning to telecommuting as a main drive for their call centers and administrative tasks. Some outside sales agents work primarily from their homes as well. There's a wide variety of work from home career choices you can choose. More and more parents are finding that working from home is their best option. They can work as a call center customer service representative, a virtual assistant, a blogger or marketer from the comfort of their home. They can be there for their children and still earn an income to help with the family finances.

Ultra Sound Technician
There are also many who pursue careers in the medical field such as an ultra sound technician or in nursing. You can find a great ultrasound technician school close to your home and be working in a few years. There are even schools that offer the majority of their classes online. You can continue working or staying home while learning a new trade and a way to better your career choices.

Online Auction Stores
You can create your own store online in one of the many auction sites. Many moms, and even dads, have a talent they can use to create their own store. They can create jewelry, wood working items, photos and much more to sell to others. Maybe you just like selling items that you are no longer in need of. This is a great place to do that too.

Some parents like to teach others and help the students reach their goals. Some decided to pursue an education degree so they can do just that. While this is sometimes a thankless job, many teachers love what they do and enjoy the schedule it provides. They can be pretty much on the same schedule as their children are and have the same vacation days.

Computer Support
If you love computers this might be the job for you. This can be worked in a call center atmosphere at your home or you can work for a company. This typically is a good job to go into because everyone uses computers and needs that support. If computers are your thing and you work well with them, you might want to consider going to your local college to get a degree in computer science. You can learn how to write programs, develop websites and much more to help your community and the businesses around you.
You can work from home or you can pursue a career outside of the home. The options for both are as limited as your vision and dreams are. Check out a few ideas that might work out for you.

 Guest Post provided by Becky W

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