Wednesday 22 May 2013

“I have… Who has…?” Games

“I have… Who has…?” games are fast becoming a favorite with teachers of all elementary levels. They require little preparation and they can be used with any concept. The goal of this game is basically to keep students' skills sharpened and ready to respond on short notice. These games are fun and are highly motivating. They are great for partner activities, centers, small groups and whole class learning.


Basically this game can be used to reinforce virtually any topic. Cards are prepared in the following format:-

Simply select your vocabulary listing or concept to be explored with your end in mind. The first card is distinctly marked to allow students to identify who should start. The end can be marked also. The cards are distributed and the game begins.

Here are some fantastic  “I have… Who has…?” games distributed across the elementary level, both FREE and paid from my fellow bloggers and friends. If you wish to join the linky party simply add your "I Have...Who Has...? product to the linky with an abbreviated name and level then blog about it, of course using the image above.

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