A Mid-Summer Day's Thoughts

My summer vacation is in full swing yet I'm already thinking about school. I'm thinking about the things that I accomplished last year and the things which did not materialize in any way. There were so many ideas planned the last academic year and now, looking back at it all, I'm going to keep those plans active and push them to the top of my new list.

So since I'm in a nostalgic yet optimistic mood I'm going to join my bloggy buddy Latoya over at Flying into First Grade for her Let's Get Acquainted Linky to share what this revamped list is all about.

My Goals

Stay Energized!- As you know, my last class had me spent most times with few opportunities to get re-energized. My exercise and walking suffered all because I was so tired. They were going and going and going! New things happened each day that called for more teacher power. In the end I was able to reshuffle, refocus and press on, but that was wayyy down at the end of the school term. So next school year I am going to do daily walks interspersed with lots of exercise!

Be Prepared!- In my new school year I will make a greater effort to keep busy with ideas and resources which would be created based on a proper diagnosis of each of my students to ensure that I capture those in need of intervention a lot more earlier than I was able to the last time. If it means changing my instrument, then so it is!

Family Time!- I intend to spend some more time with my family and stay away from the computer...well at least for a while. I was really bogged down with making resources for my stores, and blogging about topics that I made little time for my family. That's gonna change for sure in the new school year.

So these are the three most important goals that I am going to work on starting now. Stay energized, Be Prepared and More Family Time. What about you?

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