Syllable Rules Posters and a Freebie

Syllable Resources are here! Yes! These are a set of printables which will help your students to visualise the syllable types by using key animals whose names are perfect examples. I used high-quality graphics along with a colorful safari paper theme to set your students along the road of long-term memorization of the division rules.

Syllable awareness is an important component of phonological awareness that must be taught to students. They need lots of opportunities to explore sounds in words to build their store of vocabulary. Learning the syllabic structure of words will help them to decode unfamiliar words, especially multisyllabic words in reading. This pack uses a familiar theme of animals to spark their interest and to cement the long-term learning of syllable rules.

This huge packet has 120+ pages of animal themed syllable posters, puzzles and more. Your students will absolutely love practising division rules with this set.

The following skills are covered in this set:

~ Division of two-, three- and multisyllabic words
~ Application of phonic analysis skills
~ Manipulation of multisyllabic words
~ Sorting/categorising of open/closed syllables

The set contains the following:

* open/closed syllable sort
* Syllable Division Rules Posters (using animals)
* Student Cards (smaller size)
* Animal Puzzles (two and three syllabic animal names)
* Word Cards (two and three syllabic animal names)
* Fillable Syllable activity (four syllable animal names)
* General Syllable Posters (using animals)
* Syllable Division Bookmarks

Here's a set of free bookmarks that is also included in this set.

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