Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Opinion Writing (OREO Method) Graphic Organizers and More

Students need lots of examples and practice before they can write their own opinionOREO Opinion writing is a fun and engaging way for students to express their thoughts and voice their opinion effectively about anything. This is a great teaching resource to use when teaching your students about opinion writing since the OREO acronym can help them remember what they need to put in the paragraph(s) of their opinion pieces. The OREO acronym stands for:
O - Opinion (Clearly Stated)
R - Reasons for your Opinion
E - Examples that Explain/Support Your Opinion
O - Opinion Restated

This resource contains posters, graphic organizers and worksheets for your students to get much needed practice when teaching persuasive writing skills.


It's My Oreo Poster (colored)
It's My Oreo Poster (b+w)
4 OREO Graphic Organizers (colored)
4 OREO Graphic Organizers (b+w)
2 OREO Poster Graphic Organizer (colored and b+w)
Opinion Writing vs Persuasive Writing Anchor Chart
Fact vs Opinion Anchor Chart
35 OREO themed "Which Would You Rather?" worksheets
35 extended writing sheets

If you are interested in this resource you can purchase them at the following online stores:

Teachers Pay Teachers
Tes Resources
Teachers Notebook

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