Teaching About God in Kindergarten: "Where Does God Live?" A Must-Have

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Today, I’m super excited to share a gem of a book that always becomes a favorite in my first year infants (kindergarten) classroom: "Where Does God Live?" by Holly Bea. The story is about a lively and inquisitive young girl named Hope who loved to ask questions. Her biggest question was: Where does God live? Her grandmother provides Hope with an answer that everyone can understand. This is a fantastic book to have in your classroom! 

"Where Does God Live?" introduces the concept of God in a gentle and accessible manner. It is written in a way that is easy for young listeners to understand, which is exactly what we need for our kindergarten class. The book uses simple language and bright illustrations that capture the children's attention and provides great opportunities for interaction and discussion. Exploring and wondering about such a big question can help us understand ourselves and the world around us better, which is what makes "Where Does God Live?" such a special book. 

Grab your copy today and let learning begin!

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