Tuesday 19 June 2012

Sponge Math!

Ok! So I say sponge and I get a lot of questions coming up.." You mean cleaning, right?"...No! I mean, there are many other ways that sponge can be used in the classroom besides cleaning. It can be used in the teaching of concepts in your classroom.

I found this really great idea of how sponge can be used in Math class! For starters it can be used in the teaching of PLACE VALUE. You can cut coloured sponge into long strips to represent 'TENS' and into cube bits to represent  'ONES' or 'UNITS'! For the other concepts you can leave them as is to represent 'HUNDREDS' or join them to represent greater concepts. 

Another very ingenious way of using sponge in Math is in the teaching of number concepts as well. In this activity you simply recycle french fries packs, create number labels and cut sponge pieces to look like french fries!

Recycled Counting Math Preschool Lesson Plan  Recycled Counting Math Preschool Lesson Plan  

Recycled Counting Math Preschool Lesson Plan

This is the end product. In this activity students will count fries and insert in the correct holder. What do you think? This is really cool!!!!!!

Recycled Homemade Counting Math Preschool Lesson Plan

Here are some more ideas around the curriculum!

Art & Craft: Sponge Insects 
                 Dot Dabbers


  1. I am having trouble finding yellow sponges. Where did you find yours?

  2. Where did you find the yello sponges? I am having difficulty finding them.


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