Thursday, 5 July 2012

Shoebox Diorama

 diorama is a picture or scene created in a small space to model a particular scene. Its features is essentially three dimensional. A diorama can be created using any base, however, it is usually made with tissue boxes or shoe boxes.


STEP 1: Plan your theme carefully. If it is a class project ensure that you give proper instructions on what should be done. You will also gather the required materials for its construction.

STEP 2: Create the background. Guide your students into creating a  background for the scene. This can be done by painting the interior of the box or covering it with coloured paper.

install the background

 create a scene for the background

STEP 3: Create the foreground. Carefully stick the figures where you wish to create that wonderful three dimensional scene.
 glue the dragon onto the wings

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