Spectacular Spoon Crafts!

Hi there! How do you like my new look? I think it kinda reflects my whole idea of recycling and going green, don't you think? lol!! Anyway, it is a beautiful day today, and its a great day to continue our recycling agenda! Today I feel very adventurous so I am about to embark on the idea of finding crafty and innovative ideas on how plastic spoons can be used in the classroom. If you are anything like me you always have a bag of it some where, waiting for a special invite or an urgent rescue! 

So let's see what I came up with so all that stash can be put to cash! :)
The first two are available from Danielles Place.

Click here for instructions
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MARACAS (CHAC CHAC) Click here for instructions

PLASTIC SPOON ROSE (no instructions)
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PLASTIC SPOON ROSE 2 (Click here for instructions)

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  1. If you have any other ideas to add to this pool you are free to comment