Saturday, 18 August 2012

How to Recycle Whiteboard Markers!

Gone are the days of chalkboard and chalk. The days of whiteboard and whiteboard markers are also slowly coming to an end. While we await this outcome we are slowly building a mountainous pile of spent markers, either in our classroom cupboards or in our landfills. Yes our landfills! Markers are not recyclable. So what can we do with our spent teaching tool? We can learn how to create arts and crafts with them.

 I have already researched this topic of recycling whiteboard markers and today I am sharing my findings from the experts at eHow.
To summarize, they suggest these very creative ideas:

Watercolor painting 
recycling markers by josephine

Picture Frame

Make a Jump Rope
Used marker jump rope 

Create a Necklace

Create Words or Names

Finger Puppets and Lots more from Child Central Station...
finger puppets from old marker caps 

I recommend reading these articles:

I also recommend purchasing refillable varieties such as the V Board Master Refillable Whiteboard Marker Pens that are made from 91% recycled materials and manufactured by Pilot. They can be a bit pricey, but, they are "positive with the planet!"

V  Board Master begreen chisel 5-pack pouch
V Board Master Whiteboard Marker


  1. Very nice, Miss..I have several spent white board markers..will use some of these ideas...many thanks

  2. Sorry I read this after I finally threw away my three year collection of spent markers

  3. Creative ideas; I will certainly pass them on.

  4. I will prefer this blog because it has much more informative stuff.ReMARKable whiteboard wall


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