Sunday 3 March 2013

How To Help Your Kids Learn Multiplication Tables

 Kid Holding Math Multiplication Sign

Do your kids struggle to memorize the multiplication tables? Do they sometimes involve their friends (or you) in checking and correcting their follies for them? Well here is a super idea to get them more independent and ready for success and it can work with any tables!
 It's my Tables Cover Up idea.
Here's how it goes...

1.Simply write down the target tables on a piece of paper. (Make sure to leave ample space on the right side of the paper)
2. Fold in the right side to cover only the answers. Make a fold line.
3. Draw a vertical line exactly on the fold line.
4. Draw a series of horizontal lines that are perfectly in line with the print.
5. Cut into each line but make sure to stop on the fold line.
   Now you're done!

You can get a FREE copy of my two times table version that is available here. Just click the image below.

Click HERE to go to TPT.

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