Children's Book Collections

 This is me when I'm in a bookstore. I go crazy for books! I am always buying books to read for my class. I  love reading stories to my kids and I always look forward to seeing their excited faces. I usually start the day, every morning, with a Bible story to get them in a joyous mood ( I teach in a Roman Catholic school so this is in line with our school's curriculum). This focus brings a great deal of discussions and it helps me to keep my students on task throughout the morning session. The stories continue at the start of the afternoon session when I select one of their favorite stories to read aloud to them. My kids enjoy all  Dr Seuss books, at least those that I have. I guess the rhyme and its familiarity is what they enjoy every time. They also love the classics, like the Grimm Brothers, the Mother Goose tales and the Aesop fables.

My classroom library right now looks like a war zone! The books are tattered and torn and many are retired to the book hospital. Lucky for me I have seen a few great collections that I am going to get my hands on pretty soon. Little by little I'm going to replace the old ones just so that I can continue to bring the joy of reading and storytelling to my dear little eager faces.

Below are a few collections that I must have!

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