How to Bounce Back After A Bad Day

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I know that some of you are already enjoying Summer break, but I'm still going to talk about it; the much dreaded topic..... TEACHER BURNOUT!

I still have a few weeks before I can enjoy the Summer bliss like many of my teacher friends, but for now I am trying to cope with my very challenging bunch of 6 year olds. I usually get my energy from exercise, gardening and such, but, this year it has been a sore point for me. Anyway, here it goes!

How To Bounce Back After A Bad Day!

You work hard and at the end of the day you feel spent. There is little or no energy to do anything and eventually you begin to feel depressed. How can you bounce back after having a bad day so fresh on your mind? The secret is in the letter....R!

Regain Perspective

So your day was a mess! Well then, look forward for a brand new day. Renew your mind with positive thoughts of the day to come. Tomorrow you get a chance to try again.


I know that sometimes even the thought of reliving the experience brings pain. I know that it is something that may cause a lot of negative thoughts, but, if you do it right it will bring healing. At one time I was so angry with my students at the end of the day that even thinking about them was very unnerving. Now, I think about all the things that upset me, then I comfort myself into believing that these kids are going to be the same way the next day so why not learn to deal with them positively?


 The idea of changing focus is a fantastic way to bounce back at the end of a bad day. I think of all the things that I can try, all the ideas that I can still pull out of my magician's hat. I think about changing the way that I cope with stress in order to jump over those daily bumps.


My family are great listeners at the end of the day. My own children are given an earful and it works on so many levels too. My husband is also a fantastic listener too, even though he gets all worked up about many things. He believes in 'Take the bull by the horns!" lol! Anyway our journey from school to home is a great time to talk about the things that have us on edge. It is so comforting!

These days I am so bogged down with creating stuff and blogging that I have neglected this much needed R. Losing sleep is not really a good idea so I know that I will have to change things. 

So here you have it! The 5 Rs to get YOU back on track! 

Hey! I think that I will be taking my own advice!:)

Enjoy your Rs!

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