Saturday 21 December 2013

Benefits of Morning Messages

 I always need to start my day on a positive note so that both my students and I stay focused and excited about learning. I often welcome them verbally as they enter the classroom and then delve into the day's formal activities. It sounds boring, doesn't it? With a class of five year olds this needs some spirit, some vibrance and of course some positivity. This is why I am going to use a different approach by using morning messages. A morning message to your students is  a great way to start the day!So I guess I will need to explore the benefits of it to convince you to do likewise.
So here's what I found out!

What is a Morning Message?
Simply put, a morning message is just that, a morning message. It is a message written by the teacher for the class to read. It usually highlights some aspect of learning for the day, or it can be a way to reinforce what learning took place the previous day. It is a wonderful way of welcoming students as it utilizes many of their literacy skills. At the lowest level the morning messages can be a series of pictures with familiar words, or a casual letter for the older students. Below are a few examples for you. Click the picture below to go straight to pinterest.

 What are the Benefits of Morning Messages?
There are numerous benefits to be derived from its use, however, the most significant ones are:
  • It reinforces literacy and other learning skills
  • It encourages a sense of collective responsibility for learning
  • It helps ALL students to focus on learning

Morning Message Sites for further reading
For a more indepth muse please check out the sites below.
Mrs Nelson's Classroom 
Mrs Jones Classroom 
Hubbard's CupboardPre-K Pages 


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