8 Simple Hacks to Relieve the End-of-School-Year Stress

Tweet: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"; try to make the most out of the situation. Throughout the school year,  the classroom becomes a hub of learning and many great relationships are forged. As the year comes to a close there are lots of emotions as teachers bid their students farewell. The lemons of sadness soon overwhelm us more than our students. As educators, we are truly blessed to forge that bond with so many children each year.

Easing the squeeze at the end of the school year can help both teachers and students manage stress and make the transition smoother. Just as it is important to start the year focused and prepared so it is with the closure. Here are 10 activities teachers can incorporate to help students feel comfortable and excited as the school year comes to a close:

1. Meet and Greet

Organize a special time where students can meet their new teacher and classmates for the next school year. Alternatively, you can schedule a short visit to the next level classroom or invite the next year's teacher to your class to say hello and talk about what to expect.

2. Not to Worry in a Hurry

Address any worries students might have about the upcoming year. You can have a class discussion where students can ask questions about next year. Answer their questions and reassure them that everything will be fine.

3. Make a List, Check it Twice

Create a checklist of everything that needs to be done before the school year ends. You can work with students to make a list of tasks, such as returning library books, cleaning desks, or finishing projects. Check off each item as it's completed. This can be done in the last few weeks of school so that your current students get their belongings and you can begin to declutter your classroom.

4. List Work

Encourage your students to write lists of their favorite memories from the school year. Give them time to reflect on their favorite activities, lessons, or events. Have them write these down and share them with the class.

5. Rules Rule

Review classroom rules and discuss why they are important. Have a class discussion about the rules they followed this year. Talk about which rules were most important and why, and how these rules will help them next year. You can also discuss some things that did not work well this year so that you can improve on it for the new class.

6. Pass the Torch

Allow students to share advice with the next year's class. Have students write letters or make a video giving tips and advice to the incoming students. This helps them feel like leaders and eases the transition for new students.

7. Early Bird Birthdays

Celebrate students with summer birthdays early. Plan a special day to celebrate all the summer birthdays with a small party, cards, or special activities. Yes! Students whose birthday fall within July and August are usually left out of class birthday celebrations. Have one grand celebration for those students and make it special for them. You may choose to do this with your new students or with your students who would leaving your hands.

8. Summer Treats

Have a fun summer-themed activity where your students can enjoy summer-themed snacks like popsicles or lemonade. Use this time to talk about fun plans for the summer.

By incorporating these activities, teachers can help create a positive and smooth transition for students as they move into the next school year.

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