Place Value Base Ten Boom Cards


Looking for place value (base ten) practice? This set includes 18 BOOM Cards for your students to practice 2 digit numbers 11 to 29. Students use their knowledge of place value to model two digit numbers. They will drag the correct number of manipulatives to model each number shown.

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How To Teach Creative Writing To Young Children

Teaching children to write creatively is not something that you can complete at any one particular grade level. It involves a series of planned situations and activities that gradually lead to independent writing. From as early as preschool a child's writing begins to take shape as he learns to interpret print. As he grows his understanding of that print is translated into a greater command of the language. Essentially, as he progresses through the grade levels his writing unfolds as a more personal stamp.

As a teacher my goal is to develop the writing skills of my students. This means that I must slowly direct each child to writing independently. To do so I must model good writing, write with them collaboratively, guide their efforts and allow them to work on their own. These stages are summed up under the following headings:

  1. Modeled Writing
  2. Shared Writing
  3. Guided Writing
  4. Independent Writing

1. Modeled Writing

In this initial step I must demonstrate to my students that writing is the capturing of thoughts. As I think aloud I record what I actually want to say. Of course, conventions of spelling and grammar are very important, but these can be overlooked only to facilitate the free flow of ideas. Also it is rather helpful to students to generate a list of needed words on the chalkboard. As I model good writing behaviors I direct their focus on the importance of thinking through what I want to say.

2. Shared Writing

Shared Writing allows the students to contribute ideas to create one piece with the assistance of the teacher as scribe. This allows them to view the behavior of writers during the writing process.

3. Guided Writing

In guided writing the teacher continually provides feedback to students to monitor the writing process. As students write the teacher asks questions that provoke thought and generate ideas. The teacher may look at writing conventions and word choice of students or even the completeness of ideas expressed. This guidance is what makes students become better writers!

4. Independent Writing
Students are provided with frequent opportunities to write independently. They experiment with language and tweak their writing skills to resemble good writers. As students write on their own they learn how to edit their drafts in an effort to create a polished piece. 

Opinion Writing Posters and Worksheets

Students need lots of examples and practice before they can write their own opinionOREO Opinion writing is a fun and engaging way for students to express their thoughts and voice their opinion effectively about anything. This is a great teaching resource to use when teaching your students about opinion writing . This resource contains posters, graphic organizers and worksheets for your students to get much needed practice when teaching persuasive writing skills.

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Pencil Grip Posters


Do you work with students daily on encouraging the best, most correct pencil grip? These left and right hand dynamic pencil grasp display posters show students the correct pencil grip they should adopt for either hand. 

These can be used as a classroom display or use the included student card version (4 pages per print) and attach to each desk as a visual prompt. 

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Editable Weekly Class Newsletters For the Year


These editable weekly newsletters are a fantastic way of keeping your families well informed! Send these newsletters digitally to your parents to keep them informed via email each week instead of printing it out. The text boxes are editable. Simply insert your cursor in each text box and type in your information. You can also change the font, the font size or the font color. The templates are in PORTRAIT orientation I8.5” by 11”. 

Available separately as a PowerPoint , Google Slides or in a BUNDLE

Science Clipart For Teachers (Colored and line art)


Science Clipart For Teachers

Are you looking for clipart to jazz up  your Google Slides or Seesaw activities? Are Science clipart images on particular subjects easy to find? Well!! Search no more! You've got to see these science-related sets and bundles that I created! Go check my TpT Store for all this and more!