Sunday 12 May 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Classroom


If you're a teacher like me, then you'd be keeping track of the latest tools and gadgets that can make your work bother easier and effective. Hot on the press to date is the whole idea of artificial intelligence(AI) which, from all appearances, seems here to stay. So why not delve into understanding how this trend works and how best it can be used in the classroom? 

So in doing my own research I have come across some very informative articles and apps that can help you to understand how AI is fast becoming the choice of a growing number of teacher educators like yourself. Now AI is not a panacea for all challenges of education. It can be a great supportive tool, helping you to automate tasks but it cannot replace student interaction. When it is used in your repertoire of teaching strategies there is a lot more that can be achieved.

The following are a list of (AI) apps (both free and paid) and articles which I found to be very helpful:


Brisk Teaching


Magic School AI

Canva AI-Powered Tools




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