Wednesday 15 May 2024

Fun and Engaging Fraction Reading Activities for Young Learners


This is a fun filled activity for your students to get the hang of the identification of fractions. Your kiddos would find it very easy to name fractions after this fun set of task cards. All they have to do is determine how much of the food is eaten then record them on the cards. I suggest that you print and laminate the cards so that they can be used over and over, year after year. As a bonus I made some concept posters to go along with the theme for a visual reference in your classroom. I mostly included fractions up to sixths.

This pack includes the following food fraction task cards and posters:

20 Pizza task cards

28 Chocolate Chip Cookies task cards

23 Chocolate Bar task cards

7 Waffles task cards

36 Apples task cards

20 Chewing gum strips task cards

(Answers are not included)

These set of six can be separated as different Math centers based on food type or they can be kept together as one fraction activity.

5 Fraction Concept Posters

4 sets of food cut-outs are also included.

This set is available below:

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